About eight years ago I hired Tiedemann Bookkeeping and Accounting to provide their services to my company. At that time I was operating a wholesale and a retail business but I did not have the proper financial information to tell me how each was performing.  Shortly after Tiedemann started the financial picture became clear, I was very profitable in my wholesale business and less than profitable in my retail business, the one that consumed most of my time. Although both businesses were operated within the same company, Tiedemann was able to display their respective income and expenses in separate profit and loss reports. As a result of getting this information I eventually closed my retail business, resulting in more income from less work.

Tiedemann has provided their financial record keeping services to my company since then. Over the years their attention to detail has resulted in financial savings for my company. My CPA has told me I am saving accounting fees because the work is neat, organized, and done properly. Tiedemann has been very responsive to our needs and always completes our work in a timely manner. Their positive attitude makes dealing with them a pleasure. I have been more than satisfied with their service and recommend them highly.

Keith Merl

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