As a not for profit agency, we are all forced to try to do more with less. As a cost savings measure, I decided to "outsource" our bookkeeping services. I am happy to say that it is one of the best things I have done for our agency. More important then the cost savings, is the excellent service I receive from Tiedemann bookkeeping services. The professional bookkeeping services we receive allow us to feel confident that our records are current and up to date. They have helped us with budget projections and many other necessary reports. They alert me to any increases in expenses or decreases in income that need to be looked at. They take the time to meet with us, so that they can truly understand our needs. The extensive accounting background that Mr. Tiedemann brings to his business is an asset for anyone using his services. I highly recommend his services, and have enjoyed our working relationship for many years.

Kathryn L. Krauth, Director
The Learning Gate

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