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Who We Are

We have been providing bookkeeping and accounting services to the business community since 1998. We specialize in serving both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Additionally, we have experience in servicing the needs of Family Offices and affluent individuals whose wealth and assets demand business-grade accounting services for their personal records.

Our Approach

Our systematic approach to bookkeeping and accounting guarantees the continuous and timely completion of all bookkeeping tasks and production of the accurate monthly financial reports you need to run your organization.

Our clients delegate their bookkeeping functions to Tiedemann Bookkeeping and Accounting Services due to the exceeding value we bring to their businesses, allowing them to focus on running their business day to day.

Open Imagination
Open Imagination

Services Offered

  • Overview and Evaluation of the Current Bookkeeping and Accounting System.
  • Become fluent in all General Ledger affecting activities within your organization, ensuring that system interfaces and financial business processes are operating correctly.
  • Data Entry of All Financial Information.
  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Reporting.
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Processing and Reporting (Invoicing, Payment Receipt, Deposits, Vendor Bill Entry and Bill Pay).
  • Monthly Bank and Brokerage Account Reconciliation.
  • Monthly Production of Financial Statements, including review and consultation regarding these reports.
  • Specialized Board of Directors Reports for Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Chief Financial Officer Service.
  • Training and Consultation Services.

Tiedemann Bookkeeping and Accounting Services also provides bookkeeping and accounting training for clients and their employees. This training includes basic accounting concepts and application of these concepts using the actual business data of the client on their bookkeeping system. This training is specific to the unique features of the client’s business.

Why Work With Us

  • Trained, Bonded Bookkeepers
  • Chief Financial Officer Supervision
  • No Turnover Costs - We perform your work with our employees, we bear the burden of the infrequent turnover of bookkeepers
  • Convenience - We can work in your office, getting and providing answers for prompt and efficient resolution of the daily complexities of business operations. We believe on-site bookkeeping provides more accurate recordation and therefore more meaningful financial reporting. We also provide off site services to clients who find this method more suited to their particular business operations
  • Timely Reporting - Being current with your bookkeeping is the only way to know the financial condition of your business. It keeps you aware of changing conditions, giving you a chance to react promptly to either an improving or deteriorating business environment
  • We are QuickBooks Accounting Specialists - including the level of Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Open Imagination

What Clients Say

As a not for profit agency, we are all forced to try to do more with less. As a cost savings measure, I decided to "outsource" our bookkeeping services. I am happy to say that it is one of the best things I have done for our agency. More important then the cost savings, is the excellent service I receive from Tiedemann bookkeeping services. The professional bookkeeping services we receive allow us to feel confident that our records are current and up to date. They have helped us with budget projections and many other necessary reports. They alert me to any increases in expenses or decreases in income that need to be looked at. They take the time to meet with us, so that they can truly understand our needs. The extensive accounting background that Mr. Tiedemann brings to his business is an asset for anyone using his services. I highly recommend his services, and have enjoyed our working relationship for many years.

Kathryn L. Krauth, Director TLG

We have been working with Pat Tiedemann of Tiedemann Bookkeeping & Accounting Services since 2003. Pat’s business model of providing an independent bookkeeping service has served us well; we have the use and flexibility of a dedicated reliable professional for our bookkeeping needs without the expense of in-house personnel which for a small business is invaluable. I highly recommend their services.

Susan G. Poeton, Chief Operating Officer Positive Publications LLC

We were looking for a great bookkeeper for quite some time before we found Pat. Pat listens to the client’s concerns, plans and acts accordingly. You tell him what you want and he comes up with the plan. We have been using Pat’s services for a couple of years now and are satisfied with the results we are getting.


About eight years ago I hired Tiedemann Bookkeeping and Accounting to provide their services to my company. At that time I was operating a wholesale and a retail business but I did not have the proper financial information to tell me how each was performing. Shortly after Tiedemann started the financial picture became clear, I was very profitable in my wholesale business and less than profitable in my retail business, the one that consumed most of my time. Although both businesses were operated within the same company, Tiedemann was able to display their respective income and expenses in separate profit and loss reports. As a result of getting this information I eventually closed my retail business, resulting in more income from less work.

Tiedemann has provided their financial record keeping services to my company since then. Over the years their attention to detail has resulted in financial savings for my company. My CPA has told me I am saving accounting fees because the work is neat, organized, and done properly. Tiedemann has been very responsive to our needs and always completes our work in a timely manner. Their positive attitude makes dealing with them a pleasure. I have been more than satisfied with their service and recommend them highly.

Keith Merl Artesania

Tiedemann Bookkeeping and Accounting Services assisted us with the conversion of a number of our clients to QuickBooks accounting software many years ago and they continue to provide us with ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services. They have proven to be a valuable addition to our firm and the services we offer to our clients. Tiedemann provides monthly reconciliation of our clients’ bank and brokerage accounts and assist us on a monthly basis with the preparation of various reports we provide to our clients. They also provide the reconciliation of 1099’s to general ledger balances and to outside source documents such as brokerage statements. In addition to standard financial reporting Tiedemann also assists us with the analysis of investment accounts and preparation of asset holding reports enabling us to give our clients concise and easily understood reports of the changes to their total financial position on a monthly basis.

Tiedemann’s diversified capabilities in providing bookkeeping and accounting services has worked well for our organization. I recommend them highly to any organization seeking professional bookkeeping and accounting services.

Eleonore McCabe, CPA McCabe Associates, LLC

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